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Pentacam® AXL

A real all-rounder

Within a mere 2 seconds the Pentacam® AXL supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior eye segment. In addition to anterior segment tomography the Pentacam® AXL has integrated axial length measurement, a feature which allows you to make accurate IOL calculations. Automatic measurement activation with quality test guarantees fast, reproducible and delegable measurements.

The Pentacam® AXL comes with an extensive basic software package which can be extended according to your needs to include further optional software packages and modules. 

Pentacam® AXL Core Functions

The two-in-one miracle

The Pentacam® AXL determines the axial length of the eye as well as the data of the anterior eye segment, from the anterior corneal surface to the posterior surface of the crystalline lens, all in a single measurement. In doing so it makes combined use of the time-tested Pentacam® technology and an equally proven interferometry-based biometry technique. The Pentacam® AXL is the right choice for those seeking to perform anterior-segment diagnostics and IOL calculations using one and the same instrument.

Versatile Basic Software

Even the basic software offers a vast range of functions.

  • IOL Calculator for
    • both treated and untreated eyes
    • spherical, aspherical multifocal and toric IOL calculation
    • toric IOL calculation based on total corneal refractive power
  • Fast Screening Report
  • Topographical Keratoconus Classification (TKC)
  • Tomographiegestützte Keratokonuserkennung und –klassifizierung
    • Belin ABCD Keratokonus Staging
    • Belin ABCD Progression Display
  • Qualitative assessment of the cornea
    • Topography and Elevation Maps of the Anterior and Posterior Corneal Surface
    • overall pachymetry
    • Corneal Optical Densitometry
  • Glaucoma screening
    • pachymetry-based IOP correction
    • chamber angle and chamber volume
  • Elevation data
  • PNS and 3D Cataract Analysis
  • Premium IOL selection in 4 steps
  • Comparative displays for follow-up
  • Comparison and superimposition of Scheimpflug images

Need more functions? No problem!

The Pentacam® AXL can be expanded at any time with optional software modules to suit your needs.


More information about the Pentacam® AXL:

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