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Keratoconus & Keratoectasia: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Ming Wang, MD, PhD, Slack Incorporated


Slack Incorporated, 2010, 978-1-55642-913-2


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Corneal Topography: A Guide for Clinical Application in the Wavefront Era, Second Edition

Ming Wang, MD, PhD


Slack Incorporated, 2012, 13 978-1-55642-970-5


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Corneal Topography in Clinical Practice (Pentacam System) Basics and Clinical Interpretation

Mazen M. Sinjab, MD, MS, CABOphth, PhD


Jaypee Brothers, 2012, 978-93-5025-575-9


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Step by Step: Reading Pentacam Topography (Basics and Case Study Series)

Mazen M Sinjab, MD, MS, CABOphth, PhD


Jaypee Brothers, 2015, 978-93-5152-397-0


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New Must-Read for the Modern Refractive Surgeon Now Out!

Elevation Based Corneal Tomography book, 2nd edition

OCULUS proudly presents, the first published book of Pentacam®: "Elevation Based Topography".

It was editored and authored by Prof. Michael Belin, MD, FACS and his fellow Stephen S. Khachikian, MD.

"The last thing I wanted to do is write a book", stated Michael Belin in his preface." Elevation Based Corneal Tomography" is a new and comprehensive way of looking to the cornea, its structure, shape and performance. It is the authors belief, ..., that cross-sectional Scheimpflug analysis offers significant advantages in treatment, diagnosis and patients' safety". Further co-authors are Renato Ambrosio Jr., MD, PhD, Frederico Guerra, MD and Marcella Salomao, MD.

The main focus was given to screen patients for refractive surgery, the interpretation of elevation maps, corneal thickness maps and its progression analysis. Drs. Belin & Khachikian present the topic in an orderly, systematic method ,that starts with the basics and progresses to understanding complex cases. The book is extensively illustrated with generous use of color. This masterpiece should serve as a basic text for any refractive surgeon interested in understanding modern topography.

“Elevation Based Corneal Tomography book, 2nd edition”, Jaypee - Highlights Medical Publishers, Inc., 2012, ISBN: 978-9962-678-53-3

You can also order the book directly from OCULUS at a net price of 156.00 € under ordering no. 70930.

Shipping weight (incl. packaging) 1 lbs.

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