OCULUS - The Original

From 1895 until today - Company History

We are a globally active enterprise with a long tradition. This film gives an overview of the history of the OCULUS company from 1895 until today.


Have a glimpse behind the scenes

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians value the know-how we have acquired through 120 years of experience, our innovative strength and our ongoing commitment to technological progress. And yet, our worldwide success has not made us a mass producer. See it for yourself!

From Idea to Product

For more than 120 years, OCULUS has been a partner for eyecare professionals around the world. OCULUS provides support for the challenging daily tasks these specialists encounter by developing sophisticated technology-based instruments of the highest quality and by providing them with excellent in-service training for these instruments' efficient operation. The demanding expectations of our customers are important in every OCULUS undertaking and the satisfaction of these demands is the goal for individual instrument development projects. 

More than 55% of the OCULUS turnover is generated in the international market. OCULUS has more than 300 employees working in its headquarters, more than 60% of them in either research and development or production and service, 30% in management and distribution and 10% in vocational training.

OCULUS is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified and applies to high quality standards in development, production and service.

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