Essential… and not Only for Your Preoperative Planning

The Pentacam® Family: Your Direct Route to Reliable Results

As an ophthalmologist you depend on exact and dependable measurement results for your diagnosis and your patient consultation. But the Pentacam® sets the highest standards in other ways, too. When it comes to speed and efficiency, it offers you invaluable advantages:

Easy Measurement Process

Functions rapidly, can be delegated, and is contact-free, hygienic and painless for your patients.

Time Saving

With the Pentacam® you increase the efficiency of your practice management – and that means you increase your cost-effectiveness too. Because the measurement lasts barely 2 seconds – and already, all important parameters are available to you.

Efficient Preoperative Planning

With the Pentacam® you will find you can organize your preoperative planning with more ease and safety than ever before. The user-friendly software gives you all important information for every operation (Lasik, cataract, etc.).

What do the experts say?

The recordings of the OCULUS lunch symposium at ESCRS 2017 are available.
Watch the videos and find out what the experts have to say on the Pentacam® AXL!

New approaches for combining Tomography with Biometry and Corneal Biomechanics

Thomas Kohnen: First study results and experiences with the Pentacam® AXL

Fritz Hengerer: Pentacam® AXL
for IOL power calculation

But there are further important features with the Pentacam® that will work to your advantage in your diagnoses:

Patient Information

A picture is worth MORE than a thousand words. That’s why the Pentacam® prepares the results for your patient consultation in a picture-perfect manner. The exclusive Fast Screening Report will also help you to filter and organize all information for comprehension at a glance.

Early Ectasia Detection

The Belin/Ambrósio Enhanced Ectasia Display helps recognize corneal ectasia at an early stage. A final parameter is calculated and presented in a colour-coded display: one more way in which the Pentacam® helps you make your diagnosis.

Glaucoma Screening

The Fast Screening Report is an important screening tool of the Pentacam® that helps you identify glaucoma. Among other features, you can evaluate the iridocorneal angle and chamber volume based on normative data and clinical pictures.

Refractive Screening

The Pentacam® measures the entire cornea from limbus to limbus without contact. Use the Corneal Optical Densitometry Display to examine the cornea in detail and to plan your refractive surgery.

Pre- and Postoperative Screening

Building on the Fast Screening Report, additional Pentacam® displays provide targeted information: Scheimpflug imaging, elevation data, topography and pachymetry combine to give a comprehensive picture.

Planning Cataract Operations

For documentation of a cataract’s progress and optimal preoperative planning, the Pentacam® offers cataract surgeons a comprehensive analysis and thus the best working options.

Planning Refractive Operations

The Pentacam® displays the pachymetry progression, permitting an assessment of corneal structure. Special display features make it possible to plan the depth of the incision with great precision, amongst other advantages.

The First Choice
for Your Diagnosis and Preoperative Planning:

In two seconds you receive a comprehensive overview of the anterior eye segment, along with many customization options for your daily practice. 

More about the Pentacam®

Pentacam® HR

Highest resolution, brilliant image quality, and thus all of the prerequisites for the perfect display of corneal anomalies, amongst other findings.

More about the Pentacam® HR

Pentacam® AXL

The next logical step in the evolution of the proven HR technology. Includes the new axial length measurement feature for reliable IOL calculation.

More about the Pentacam® AXL

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