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Current Developments and Interesting Information Concerning the Pentacam®

Current Software Update

The current Version 1.29r12 offers you the following advantage (amongst others): the new Belin ABCD Keratokonus Staging Display. Download the update here to get the most out of your Pentacam®.

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Interpretation Guide

Learn more about various applications and different settings for the Pentacam®, and about the scientific background. Discover interesting case examples which may help you in your daily practice.

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What do the experts say?

The recordings of the OCULUS lunch symposium at ESCRS 2017 are available.
Watch the videos and find out what the experts say about the Pentacam® AXL!

New approaches for combining tomography with biometry.

Thomas Kohnen: First study results and experiences with the Pentacam® AXL

Fritz Hengerer: Pentacam® AXL for IOL power calculation


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Trade Fairs

  • WOC

    Location: Vancouver, Canada
    16.08.2024 - 19.08.2024

    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    06.09.2024 - 09.09.2024
  • APAO

    Location: New Dehli, India
    03.04.2025 - 06.04.2025
  • PAAO

    Location: Bogotá, Colombia
    30.05.2025 - 02.06.2025
  • SOE

    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    07.06.2025 - 09.06.2025
  • WGC

    Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    25.06.2025 - 28.06.2025


Important background information for your patient consultations. Here you will find current scientific studies dealing with all aspects of ocular diagnosis.

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