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The Gold Standard in anterior eye segment tomography

Since its introduction in 2002, the OCULUS Pentacam® has proven itself indispensable and has come to represent the "Gold Standard" worldwide. Here’s why: Contact-free Pentacam® measurement provides the basis for precise and reliable diagnostics and successful treatment of the anterior segment.

Comparison of Pentacam® Models

All hard- and software features at a glance

Pentacam Pentacam HR Pentacam AXL

Basic Software Modules


Pentacam® HR

Pentacam® AXL Wave

General Overview
Fast Screening Report
Topography and Elevation Maps of the Anterior and Posterior Corneal Surface
Pachymetry Maps, absolute and relative
Scheimpflug Image Overview
3D Anterior chamber analysis
Anterior segment tomography
Topographical Keratoconus Classification (TKC)
Belin ABCD Keratoconus Staging
Belin ABCD Progression Display
Iris Image and HWTW
4 Maps Refractive
Compare 2 Exams

Optional Software Modules

CSP Report
Refractive Package
Cataract Package
Holladay Report and Holladay EKR65 Detail Report
PNS and 3D Cataract Analysis
Corneal Optical Densitometry
IOL Calculator
3D pIOL Simulation and Aging Prediction
Belin/Ambrósio Enhanced Ectasia Display
Contact Lens Fitting

= included

= optional

= not available

Refractive Package

  • Freely selectable reference bodies for elevation maps
  • Corneal Optical Densitometry
  • Corneal Rings
  • Corneal analysis for refractive surgeons (corneal optical densitometry)
  • Corneal thickness progression analysis for early keratoconus detection
  • 4 Maps Selectable
  • Show 2 Exams
  • Compare 4 Exams
  • Side-by-side comparison of topometric and pachymetric data
  • Fourier Analysis

    Cataract Package

    • Cataract Pre-OP Display for premium IOL selection and assessment of the optical properties of the entire cornea
    • True Net Power map (TNP)
    • Total Corneal Refractive Power map (TCRP)
    • Corneal Power Distribution
    • Zernike Analysis including normative corneal wavefront data
    • PNS and 3D Cataract Analysis
    • Show 2 Exams
    • Compare 4 Exams
    • Comparative analysis of topometric and pachymetric data
    • Automatic calculation of the anterior chamber angle in 360°, measurement based on Scheimpflug images
    • 4 Maps Chamber
    • 4 Maps Topometric
    • Anterior Chamber Depth Map
    • Measurements in the Scheimpflug images
    • 3D anterior chamber analysis
    • Normative Corneal Wavefront data including anterior, posterior and total corneal data

    All hardware features at a glance

    PentacamPentacam HR

    Scheimpflug Camera


    Pentacam® HR

    Cameradigital CCD cameradigital CCD camera
    Light sourceblue LEDs (475 nm UV-free)blue LEDs (475 nm UV-free)
    ProcessorDSP with 400m operations/sDSP with 400m operations/s
    Speed50 images in 2 seconds1)100 images in 2 seconds2)

    Measurement range


    Pentacam® HR

    Curvature3 to 38 mm
    9 to 99 D
    3 to 38 mm
    9 to 99 D
    Precision± 0.2 D± 0.1 D
    Reproducibility± 0.2 D± 0.1 D
    Operating distance80 mm (3.1 in)80 mm (3.1 in)

    Technical specifications


    Pentacam® HR

    Dimensions (W x D x H)275 x 320-400 x 500-530 mm
    (10.8 x 12.6 - 15.7 x 19.7 - 20.9 in)
    275 x 320-400 x 500-530 mm
    (10.8 x 12.6 - 15.7 x 19.7 - 20.9 in)
    Weight10.1 kg (22.3 lbs)10.6 kg (23.4 lbs)
    Power input, max.35 W42 W
    Recommended computer specificationsCPU Intel Core i5-6600, HDD 1 TB, RAM 8 GB, MS Windows® 10 Pro, VESA, USB interfaceCPU Intel Core i5-6600, HDD 1 TB, RAM 8 GB, MS Windows® 10 Pro, VESA, USB interface

    1) Scheimpflug image of the entire anterior segment
    2) Cornea fine scan
    The Pentacam® HR hardware differs from the one of the Pentacam® model. This means it is not possible to upgrade a Pentacam® to a Pentacam® HR. Please contact your authorized local distributor or OCULUS if you have any questions.

    Technical drawing

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